Thank You 2017: You Were Amazing

I can't quite believe we are here again, the beginning of a brand new year, 2018, hello!

2017 I feel like I blinked and you were gone.  I realise that I have completely neglected my photography blog since about May last year, but May is when the crazy season began for me last year and if I be honest, my feet just barely touched the ground between May and November!  Thank heavens for adrenaline!  Don't feel sorry for me though, I love this job, I really do and whilst I have been beautifully busy with work,  I managed to squeeze in two family holidays over the summer, with careful planning.  So I didn't miss out on as much precious family time as some previous years.

This was my 10th year of photographing weddings.  That in itself is just a dream come true.  I have been doing this lovely job for 10 beautiful, emotional and challenging years.  In that time I have become a wife, become a Mum, made our house into a home, moved into beautiful little premises on a farm, sent my son off to school, I have grown both as a person and as a photographer and I have found my 'happy'.  

I will be honest that by November, like all wedding suppliers I know,  I was pretty shattered and ready for a bit of a break and a recharge of my batteries.   I photographed my last wedding of the summer,  slowed down and I came down with a flu virus!  I took a longer than normal break over December (photographing my final wedding of the year two days before Christmas) to properly get over this horrible winter bug (which seemed to go on forever!) and with fresh eyes I have started my new year, by collating  my 'best bits' from 2017.  I am so immensely proud of this year and the last 10.  I am grateful that photography found me, I certainly wasn't looking for it in 2007 or at least I wasn't aware that I was.  A decade ago I would not have thought that possible.  I would like to say a heartfelt thank you to EVERYONE that has supported me and taken an interest in my photography,  it means the world and more to me.  It helps that I have the best bunch of friends and family ever to cheer me on. Thank you!! 

I'm not so good with words, so I hope that the pictures will sum up how fantastic the past year has been. I've cried with you, laughed with you and absorbed every single emotional moment and detail from you. It has been beautiful watching so many of you walking hand in hand and side by side, just giggling and laughing you way into the next exciting chapter of your lives.

I am so excited for the coming year, my 2018 couples, I am really looking forward to meeting you again and working with you, I hope you enjoy seeing my latest weddings & if you are looking for someone to photograph your wedding, please send me a message and we can chat.....I would love to hear from you! xx


{Turn on Sound and HD} & Enjoy xx

Or if you prefer, scroll down to view at your leisure xx

My Wedding Photography Best Bits for 2017

So that was my 2017, incredible from start to finish, with yet again, some really lovely clients who were inspirational and fun to work with.

If you are planning your wedding and would like to chat about your photography, please use the contact form to see if your date is available and we will go from there.  I am booking  weddings for 2019 & up to 2020...