Wedding Day Timings 

For full day, my arrival will be about 2 hours before the ceremony, so this is the most important time for me to know.  Other times may be estimates, but it is great to have a rough idea of when other things may happen on the day.

Group Photos

These need to be concise and organised, so they do not take up too much of your celebration time with guests, so I would appreciate if you would give me a short list of who you would like to have photos with - please number each group 1) 2) 3) to make it clear.   If you have any difficult relationships between family members that need to be managed carefully, you can let me know before the day, so that I can manage this properly on the day.

Name *
Please see the below examples and adjust to fit your family. Please try to keep within 6-10 Groups

Group Shot Example One -  Couple with:

Group Shot Example Two -  Couple with:

  • One Set of Grandparents
  • One Set of Parents
  • One Set of Siblings with partners
  • One Set of Parent/step Parent
  • One Set of Parent/step parent
  • One Set of  Siblings, Partners and their children
  • Bridesmaids, Ushers, Best Man
  • All the hens and stags
  • Grandparents
  • One Set of Parents/Siblings
  • One Set of Parents
  • Both Sets of Parents
  • One Set of Parents
  • One Set of  Parents and Siblings
  • Bridesmaids, Ushers, Best Man
  • Group Shot of Everyone

Just One More thing..... 

Please tell me about your amazing suppliers so I can credit them in any future blog posts by completing a short questionnaire