My Recent WORK

I have been blessed!  I have seen some beautiful weddings, in terms of 'Favourite Moments', there are too many to choose from!! 

They are the times when people are laughing so hard they can't breath, or the emotion is so overwhelming and lovely it makes my eyes sting a little bit and I get a lump in my throat. 

A photograph should stop you in your tracks and take you back to that moment in a split second.  A photograph will become invaluable with time.

 I want you to be able to look at your wedding photos and feel instantly how you felt in that very moment; remember how you were then and who was with you and around you, sharing in the laughter and the tears.


Galleries of FAVES

I have narrowed it down to three galleries, click on the buttons below to view more of my work.

If you wish to know what a full wedding day looks like, please follow the link  to view a full wedding day timeline or browse my blog