What is a Pre Wedding Shoot?


Do You Fear Being In Front of The Camera?

I have covered this subject before and I talk about it in my website content, but I thought I would just put this out there again, because people do quite often express some doubts and apprehension about being in front of the camera.

I offer all my clients a pre wedding shoot, however it is totally up to them if they decide to have one or not.

Engagement Shoot at Shustoke Farm Barns
Hanbury Wedding Barn - Staffordshire Barn Wedding Venue
Mytton and Mermaid - Engaged Couple - Getting Married

When you book me for one of my full day, wedding album collections, the pre wedding shoot is included and yes it is fair to say that most people will have their shoot when it is part of their package.  If you are paying for a shorter coverage and wish to include a pre wedding shoot you can opt in by paying the additional fee of £95 for a one hour shoot to take place in my local area.

If you are not too sure what a pre wedding shoot is, then with this post I am going to try and explain a little.

Firstly, it gives us an opportunity to get to know each other and be familiar with each other before the wedding day, some people find it easier being photographed by someone they have met, chatted to, laughed with and ultimately clicked with.  If you are a little nervous about being photographed then this is an important consideration.

The shoot will usually last about an hour and it is normally in a neutral environment not far from Lichfield, but it can also be at your wedding venue if it's within the local area and the venue doesn't mind.

Mythe Barn Wedding Venue Pre Wedding Shoot by Helen Howard
The Granary at Fawsley Northamptonshire Engagement Shoot

Most people, when asked, dislike things about how they see themselves in photographs.  A pre shoot does give me a heads up before your wedding day about anything you dislike or feel insecure about.  I ask my couples to be open with me about anything they are worried about, it's not something to feel embarrassed about.  Honestly, I have my own insecurities and I sure as hell am not going to ignore or make fun of someone else's.  I will take any concerns you have very seriously and I will do everything within my capabilities to ensure you feel comfortable with the camera and happy with the end results.

What I cannot do is change someone's perception of themselves,  but if there are certain angles you prefer, certain expressions you love and certain one's you dislike, then it's perfectly ok to tell me and I will listen and take note, because if it is important to you, then believe me it is important to me.

Bring your children or you pets, I don't mind!  Most importantly,  be yourselves, because that is, at the end of the day what I am photographing, two people, in love, who are going to be getting married.  It's like a warm up shoot for the day and after a pre shoot, it is likely that sometimes on the wedding day you might forget I am even there, that's okay!

If you choose not to have a pre shoot, then you need not worry.  On the wedding day I will still make sure that put you at ease, I may spend an extra 2 minutes during the couples portraits to ensure you are relaxed, but generally I hope I am an easy person to be around and if you trust me just a little bit, then we will achieve the images you hope for.

Pre Wedding Shoot & Engagement Photographs Staffordshire-5.jpg

Wedding photography for me is about documenting, recording and telling a story, your story if you will let me.  It's not for me to create a story or tell it in my own way, but to capture you and your family and friends just as you are on that day.  If you have any questions about your pre wedding shoot, or whether or not you might benefit from having one, please get in touch and we can discuss it.

Same Sex engagement shoot in Lichfield.jpg
Same Sex Wedding Photography in Staffordshire.jpg
Lichfield Wedding Photographer Engaged Couple in The Close
Staffordshire Wedding Venue Hawkesyard Hall in Armitage Near Rugeley

Back to the time I met with Phie, Jay and their beautiful Dog Ghost, for their pre wedding shoot.  I was put in touch with Phie on the Rock 'n' Roll Bride Facebook group and she was looking for a certain type of photographer.  Now you can see that I am not and alternative wedding photographer, but it is obvious that Phie and Jay are quite an alternative couple and their wedding will definitely fall into the 'alternative category', initially I didn't think I was going to be the right photographer for them.  However when Phie got in touch with me she was very clear about the style of photography she was looking for and after chatting by email and Facebook messages they decided to book me for their wedding next year in May, because she was adamant that she loved my style and that it was the right decision.  We met up in September, because the pre shoot was a really important part of the photography for them, they wanted to explore the venue, they wanted to involve Ghost and it gave us a chance to chat and laugh together and it gave them a chance to let me know the things they loved about the images, the feedback afterwards really helps going forward.

I have to say I don't think I have laughed so much during a pre shoot, it was fun, lighthearted, not particularly serious and as a result we are all looking forward to working together in May.  Actually they were open to so many suggestions and Ghost is a rather beautiful soul, he featured quite a bit!  But we share this mutual love of dogs and it was not only a talking point, it was an important part of the shoot for them to include him.  After all it is unlikely he will be able to take part in the wedding day (Although I wouldn't be surprised if he makes an appearance!)

Here are some of my favourites from the shoot, if you have any questions for me please get in touch!


You can also see a little video of Phie and Jay's Pre Shoot here :)