A Stunning Amanda Wyatt Bride and Stylish Peter Posh Groom - The Old School House, Lichfield - Kelly and Rob

Helen is absolutely fantastic. She manages to make what could be an awkward experience feel natural. The photographs are stunning.She was so helpful before and during our day that she genuinely felt like part of it! Thank you so much Helen - we have so many photos to cherish for a lifetime.
— Kelly and Rob
staffordshire wedding photographer pre shoot

When Kelly and Rob first got in touch with me about their Easter wedding in Lichfield, I was so thrilled – they were planning the most relaxed and stylish wedding with an intimate ceremony, with a holiday theme (they love holidays) and on the day, even the sun showed up and made and appearance for them and that was the first day of our amazing summer of 2018!

Kelly and Rob seemed like the sweetest people and I couldn’t wait to shoot their wedding! I had met them a couple of times before when I had photographed their friends wedding's so I was delighted when they got in touch and they have been an absolute joy to work with.

Getting Ready

I rocked up at Kelly's parent's house, where the bride and her friends were getting ready together, and it was really chilled, because everyone was in a good mood. Kelly wore a beautiful Amanda Wyatt dress and Rob wore a very dapper blue suit and they looked so gorgeous.

The Serious Part

The wedding took place at The School House, and was a romantic and emotional ceremony. They had a reading, which was so beautiful. After the ceremony they had a sweeping first kiss, and then the celebrations began. The weather was absolutely glorious and such a nice changed from the long winter we had just experienced.

Wedding Photography at The Old School House Lichfield

The Afternoon

The wedding reception took place on the terrace at The School House, and many guests had to reach for their sunglasses. It was wonderful.

It was a beautifully sunny day, which was what the couple had hoped for. While the guests enjoyed the weather, the couple mingled and laughed with their friends. My favourite photo from the afternoon is of the bride and groom on the river bank.

The Couple

Kelly and Rob met at work and fell in love - The rest is history. They say if you’re planning a wedding, to have an engagement shoot ' it makes you realise that it’s not as scary as you think it might be'.

Here’s their stunning and stylish Staffordshire wedding!


Flowers: https://flowerdesignoflichfield.co.uk

DJ: http://www.blaze-group.co.uk

Venue: https://schoolhouse.co.uk

Hair/Makeup: https://www.facebook.com/foofed/

Bridesmaids: http://www.davidsbridal.co.uk

Dress: https://www.amandawyatt.com

Suit: https://www.peterposh.co.uk/birmingham-showroom

Cake: Mandy Stanley

Special Thanks To: Merit Kondas

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