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My 2018 Wedding Roundup - Staffordshire Wedding Photographer

I am super proud of this snippet of last year’s work and it makes me feel so happy looking back at all the wonderful people I have worked with.

It was my eleventh year of photographing weddings, families and newborns in Staffordshire and beyond and I worked at some fabulous rustic barn wedding venues and beautiful country house venues such as…

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Hello 2019: Happy New Year

Each photograph takes me right back - to the first email I received from you, excited about making wedding plans and telling me a bit about yourselves. To the the first face to face meeting at my office where we nattered over a cuppa and talked mainly about anything other than photography, mostly about our pets and lost track of the time!

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2016: So Far You have Been Lovely

So I am eleven weddings in to 2016, almost half way through and I am looking forward to meeting more incredible people during the second half.  I am slightly ashamed that I haven't got round to blogging my weddings yet (I will get there!) so I thought I would do a post that sums up some of the gorgeousness that 2016 has already sent my way

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