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What is a Pre Wedding Shoot?

Most people, when asked, dislike things about how they see themselves in photographs.  A pre shoot does give me a heads up before your wedding day about anything you dislike or feel insecure about.  I ask my couples to be open with me about anything they are worried about, it's not something to feel embarrassed about.  Honestly, I have my own insecurities and I sure as hell am not going to ignore or make fun of someone else's.  I will take any concerns you have very seriously and I will do everything within my capabilities to ensure you feel comfortable with the camera and happy with the end results.

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Slaters Country Inn, Newcastle Under Lyme

Last Weekend, I met with Nicola and Nick at Slaters Country Inn in Newcastle Under Lyme, their wedding will take place here in just a little over 3 weeks time.  It was a bright and beautiful (chilly) day, and we had a bit of a giggle. Both Nicola and Nick expressed that they dislike having their photo taken and were a little apprehensive to begin with, however I promised them that after the first few minutes of us working together on this, we would find a way to make them feel at ease with the camera. 

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