Staffordshire Wedding Photographer: Thank you 2015

'If I could get another chance, another walk, another dance with him, I'd play a song that would never ever end, how I'd love...

To Dance with my father again'

I'm writing this blog post with what feels like a heavy heart.  Heavy because 2015 is over.  It was not only an incredible and exciting year, it was the most challenging; it was harder than I could have ever imagined, yet it was over in what feels like a split second.  Did I blink or something? 

It's never easy, as a creative, to choose work you feel is your best, it's immensely challenging to decide what other people might like about your work and what you have achieved in any one year.  

I will admit that 2015 saw laughter and also some tears,  but as I searched  through hundreds of images to pick out my favourite ones, I realised the power of the moments I have been so priviledged to witness and to capture with my camera.  It made me look at 2015 with 'a cup half full' attitude.  

I have right here photographic evidence that 2015 was more than amazing, it was emotional, exciting, happy and sad.  It was varied and different, full of fantastic moments and some of them are right here.  

I want to thank you;  two thousand and fifteen.  

Thank you for reminding me that life is here for living, that worrying will not change the outcome, but it will affect how much you enjoy now.  Thank you for making me realise that I have the most supportive friends, family and clients.  Thank you for making me so excited about 2016 that I could burst.  It's going to be crazy in all sorts of ways and I cannot wait to begin the journey of this year, I am going to be blessed with some more incredible clients this year, it's a great year for getting married.

So thank you 2015, you weren't all bad, you were actually pretty amazing and will forever be a year I remember and hold in my heart.

To my family and friends who have been here from the start and who I have met along the way; to my lovely and wonderful clients old and new, I am looking forward to working with you again and also for the first time.  

I just ask you all one thing.  Whatever this year throws in your direction, try not to spend too much time looking back or wondering what could have been.  The future is much more exciting and where you find shadows there will always be some sunshine, focus on that instead.

Happy New Year Everyone!! Here are some of my favourite and happiest moments of 2015, my year in review.....