Slaters Country Inn, Newcastle Under Lyme


Staffordshire Wedding Venue - Nicola & Nick

I adore the time before and after Christmas, when I am able to meet with couples for their pre wedding shoot, it's a chance to get to know each other and discuss some of the finer  details of the wedding day; it's so relaxed and lovely to spend the time breaking the ice and just having a bit of fun.  

It's a great opportunity for me to check out the wedding venue in advance of the actual wedding day especially if it is a venue I have not been to before.  Last Weekend, I met with Nicola and Nick at Slaters Country Inn in Newcastle Under Lyme, their wedding will take place here in just a little over 3 weeks time.  It was a bright and beautiful (chilly) day, and we had a bit of a giggle. Both Nicola and Nick expressed that they dislike having their photo taken and were a little apprehensive to begin with, however I promised them that after the first few minutes of us working together on this, we would find a way to make them feel at ease with the camera.  I appreciate camera shyness, I am quite shy in front of the camera and I have insecurities about how I look in photos, but I also know that a big part of my job is taking away those insecurities that my clients may feel and doing as much as I can to make it a fun experience.  I want nothing more than my clients to love their photos.  Both Nicola and Nick agreed that halfway through the shoot, it was a lot more relaxed and fun that they had expected and I hope they love the results of their shoot with me.

I can't wait to photograph their day, here's your preview Nic and Nick! See you in a few weeks!

Helen Howard is a Wedding and Portrait photographer near Birmingham, based in Lichfield. Regularly photographing weddings and families in staffordshire, taking a very relaxed and natural approach to photography, telling the emotive story of your day.  If you like what you see and would like to chat about your wedding photography or family portrait shoot, please do get in touch... I'd love to hear from you.