Hello 2019: Happy New Year


Wedding Photography in Staffordshire

New Year’s Resolution No.1 for me is to not hide behind the camera, so here I am, this is me!

Thank you to my lovely friend Lucy of Angelfire Photography for photographing me in the wind and the rain on a really freezing cold day!!

I am sitting here at my desk (in the warm), now 10 days in to 2019 reviewing the past year of weddings and portrait sessions and this is the part where I become quite sentimental and possibly a little bit emotional. Choosing my favourites is difficult, because I find that so many make me smile, so many remind me of the lovely people I have worked with!

I want to thank everyone who chose me to be their photographer, I am grateful for my colleagues and friends who have had my back with their support and advice, my friends and family who I just adore and am grateful for having you in my life.

To everyone, Happy New Year!

2018 was a mixed bag, but mostly good.

“All I know is the sun will shine, thank your lucky stars you’re alive,

it’s a beautiful life”

-James Arthur

Pre Wedding Shoot & Engagement Photographs Staffordshire-12.jpg

Each photograph takes me right back - to the first email I received from you, excited about making wedding plans and telling me a bit about yourselves. To the the first face to face meeting at my office where we nattered over a cuppa and talked mainly about anything other than photography, mostly about our pets and lost track of the time!

Image By Angelfire Photography

Image By Angelfire Photography

Each photograph reminded me of the pre wedding shoot and the things we talked about to break the ice and the things we laughed and giggled about that I made a mental note of (just for future reference).

When I told you I will undoubtedly cry on your wedding day, but I will laugh until my face aches too, because the emotion is what drives my soul, you completely understood - it’s ‘why’ I do love this job so much and the people it puts me in touch with. Whoever’s path crosses yours, happens for a reason.

I’ve watched your proud parents hold your hand, hold you steady and walk right by your side and I have seen you walk together, laugh together, cry together and dance together.

Relaxed Wedding Photographer in Lichfield Staffordshire-66.jpg
Relaxed Wedding Photographer in Lichfield Staffordshire-206.jpg
Relaxed Wedding Photographer in Lichfield Staffordshire-211.jpg
Relaxed Wedding Photographer in Lichfield Staffordshire-152.jpg
Relaxed Wedding Photographer in Lichfield Staffordshire-49.jpg
Bride and Groom Selfie The Granary at Fawsley.jpg

I watched you both say ‘We Do’ (the perfect ‘just married’ selfie moment for Poppy and Oli - photo credit - The Groom)

These are the best times…

On Reflection…

I absolutely love sitting down at the end of the year and reflecting on the past 12 months, it makes me realise what can be achieved in such a short space of time. I have seen my couples fully immersed in happiness and love on their wedding day, I have talked to a few of you about insecurities you may have about being photographed and I have reassured you that whatever they are I will take note and ensure I capture your very best side. I always put myself in your shoes and try to understand what you would love to see in a photograph, what will make you remember your wedding day and how you felt with each and every moment.

We have discussed our weight battles, Slimming World recipe’s, honeymoon destinations, our fears or phobia’s, anxieties, the things we love most, you name it, I think we have talked about it all. I have watched you grow into a family, we have talked about IVF, pregnancy, birth, feeding and nappies, shared stories and experiences!

Newborn and Family Photographer Lichfield-17.jpg
Newborn and Family Photographer Lichfield-22.jpg
Newborn and Family Photographer Lichfield-16.jpg
Newborn and Family Photographer Lichfield-11.jpg
Newborn and Family Photographer Lichfield-24.jpg
Newborn and Family Photographer Lichfield-23.jpg
Newborn and Family Photographer Lichfield-20.jpg
Newborn and Family Photographer Lichfield-31.jpg
Newborn and Family Photographer Lichfield-35.jpg
Newborn and Family Photographer Lichfield-33.jpg
Newborn and Family Photographer Lichfield-36.jpg

I have photographed your first, second and sometimes third child, I have seen a renewed version of your love with each addition to your family and if you are not on that path yet, then I hope I will be there if and when that chapter arrives for you.

I have photographed your litter of puppies and been to a Take That concert with you (you know who you are Michelle) and I have had late night conversations with you about the stresses of house moving, house buying and selling and renovations (house extension is on my bucket list for the future when time and funds allow).

Newborn and Family Photographer Lichfield-8.jpg

You confided in me when you were 6 weeks pregnant and no one else knew. And I prayed until you sent me a scan picture and described the perfect sound of your baby’s heartbeat. When I met him, I studied his tiny fingers and toes in awe of the miracle.

The good times are as real as the tough times,

so LET’s focus more on those good memories!

Lifestyle Newborn Photographer in Lichfield Staffordshire-3.jpg

You may not have been looking for a friend when you were searching for your photographer, but I am glad that’s what we have become and if we didn’t become life long friends who do keep in touch regularly, then I thank you for making me feel like I was so welcome on your wedding day, because on that day I was made to feel like I was part of something quite unbelievably important.

I feel in my work I have grown and this year was about making sure clients had a positive experience not just with the photographs but with every aspect of the service and product that I leave with them when my work is complete. I hope some of the little surprises that accompanied my wedding USB’s made people smile as they opened them, I certainly received some lovely feedback from you and I think it is important to have something tangible that you can hold and look at to remind you of your wedding day.

Relaxed Wedding Photographer in Lichfield Staffordshire-34.jpg

2018 was such a great year, a happy year, a hugely beneficial year where I learnt a lot about myself personally as a wife, mother and friend. We had the coldest and longest winter I could remember followed by the brightest, warmest, longest summer I have every known in my life. Thank you to all of those couples who didn’t mind me wearing shorts and flip flops to survive in the heat, I melted on several occasions!

Relaxed Wedding Photographer in Lichfield Staffordshire-27.jpg

I designed the most number of wedding albums in one year than ever before, showing me that couples are moving back to the more traditional way of viewing their wedding images. Emma who is pictured above with Josh as they left the church, spent a good ten minutes flicking through her parents wedding album on the morning of her wedding day as she was getting ready at home (pictured left) and it is one of the loveliest moments I have ever witnessed on a wedding day and made me appreciate every little details that I captured for my couples thereafter.




In 2018 I got to photograph weddings at some wonderful wedding venues that were new to me, both local and far away! Owen House Wedding Barn, The Mill Barns, Alrewas Hayes in Staffordshire, Mythe Barn, Ness Botanic Gardens, The Mytton and Mermaid, Grafton Manor, Lower Damgate Farm, Weston Park, Weston Hall, The Granary at Fawsley, The Alma Inn at Laneshawbridge and Missenden Abbey in Great Missenden. I also returned to some local favourites, The Ashes Barns in Endon, St Johns House in Lichfield, Swinfen Hall Hotel, The Crow’s Nest at Barton Marina and The Old School House Manley’s Brasserie at Weeford to name just a few.

Here are a few of my favourite captures, however my next blog post will be a video/slideshow roundup and will include many, many more!

Sunset at The Mytton and Mermaid Shrewsbury Wedding Photographer
Helen is the most wonderful person and photographer. She was the most calming of souls when nerves were high the morning of my wedding. During the day she was everything we wanted from a photographer... non-bossy, non-invasive, discreet ...just capturing people enjoying themselves in a beautiful natural way...
— Philippa and Liam
Owen House Barn Wedding Photographer
Stockport Robinsons Brewery Wedding Photography-1-2.jpg
Lower Damgate Farm Wedding Photographer
Manley's Brasserie The Old School House Wedding Photographer Lichfield
Alrewas Hayes Wedding Photographer
The Ashes Barns Beautiful Wedding Venue Relaxed Wedding Photographer
Stockport Register Office Wedding Photographer
The Granary at Fawsley Wedding Photographer
Outdoor ceremony at the Mill Barns Wedding Photographer
The Ashes Barns Wedding Photographer
...she was so subtle!! At no point did we feel that we had a camera pointed in our faces, which was great as Helen was able to get some really genuine photos of everyone having a good time... she is a lovely, sweet person (with a great sense of humour!) and was so professional and yet friendly throughout the whole process...
We are so thrilled with the photographs which we will treasure for a lifetime.
— Nicola and Andrew McArdle
Weston Park Wedding Photographer
Bloom Fleuriste Wedding Flowers Lichfield Wedding Photographer
The Mill Barns Wedding Photographer
Grafton Manor Wedding Photographer Bromsgrove
Swinfen Hall Wedding Photographer
The Ashes Venue a child friendly wedding venue in staffordshire
The Alma Inn at Laneshawbridge Wedding Photographer
Swinfen Hall Wedding Photographer first dance
St Johns House Lichfield Wedding Photographer
Mythe Barn Wedding Photographer
Relaxed Wedding Photographer in Lichfield Staffordshire-228.jpg

Thank you to those who were my 2018, I am looking forward to what 2019 will bring…. my 12th year photographing weddings! eek!!

I hope to see you soon! and I hope the coming year brings you everything you hope for…xx

To those who have been with me for the journey - Thank you, from the bottom of my heart xx

If you are planning your wedding for 2019, 2020 or 2021 and are thinking about booking your photographer,

please do get in touch soon to discuss your plans, I’m not soppy and sentimental all the time - only about 95%!! I would love to hear from you!