Couples Shoot: Ellen & Ben at Packington Moor Near Lichfield

I LOVE  a good love story, I really do, I guess this is why I am so much happier being a wedding photographer than I ever could have been working in automotive logistics all those years ago. What can I say about Ellen and Ben?  Where do I start with these two?  From the very first text message to enquire about my availability for their wedding date, the first email describing the loveliest account of a romantic proposal, the enthusiasm for not only their wedding and the details,  but also their photography and how it is of huge importance to them; I just knew after about 30 seconds of reading Ellen's email that they were going to be so in love, so easy to work with, and one couple that I would always be thankful for being a part of their day.  

Earlier in May we met at their wedding venue, Packington Moor, Lichfield for their pre wedding consultation and pre shoot, to spend a little bit of time getting to know each other.  If there were any nerves on their part, it was hidden by the constant smiles, giggles, jokes and banter.  I even fell down a little hole and neither Ellen nor Ben noticed because they were just having a good old laugh together, although I was laughing so much by that point at myself I had to explain why I was laughing!  I know there are going to be some fantastic moments with these two and I cannot wait for their wedding in just under two weeks time.

Due to the number of weddings in recent weeks, I have not been blogging as much as I had planned, I have not been updating my website as quickly as I had hoped, but I am photographing some amazing people and all I ask is that you bear with me, because I have photographed some awesome couples and some wonderful venues in 2016, they will be coming up on my blog shortly.

Facebook is my friend when it comes to keeping my work out there, however in recent years the organic reach in Facebook has been poor, I can pay to boost my posts, but it is hit and miss as to whether the right people will actually see my posts.  So please,  if you have taken the time to look at this blog and you like what you see, could you be kind enough to 'Like' the post on my page and if you know Ellen and Ben please 'share' it too, I would be so grateful.  

Ellen and Ben will be receiving their full gallery very soon,  but for now, here is their gorgeous preview.  Thank you guys for being so much fun and a reason why I love this job so much and reaffirming that being a wedding photographer is so much more than turning up on one day to take a few snaps!  I am so grateful of all my couples and looking forward to working with each and every one of you this year and next !! xx

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