Wedding Venue Search

I decided to do a little round up in this blog post of my top ten wedding venue's within a 100 mile radius of Lichfield.  I cannot say that one venue is better than the other, they all have some amazing attributes, attentive and helpful staff and wedding co-ordinators as well as stunning grounds and buildings

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A Couple's Guide to Formal Group Photos at Weddings

The question often arises:  How do we choose which groups we would like for the formal photos after the ceremony?

Firstly, formal does not have to mean 'too formal' - I approach my formals in the same way as I approach any part of my photography.  People need to feel relaxed.  If that means they are having a laugh together and not looking straight at my camera, then to me that is fine, that fits with my style and it creates a photograph that I would be far more likely to put in a frame, than one where everyone is looking too rigid, straight faced and serious.

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