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My 2018 Wedding Roundup - Staffordshire Wedding Photographer

I am super proud of this snippet of last year’s work and it makes me feel so happy looking back at all the wonderful people I have worked with.

It was my eleventh year of photographing weddings, families and newborns in Staffordshire and beyond and I worked at some fabulous rustic barn wedding venues and beautiful country house venues such as…

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Newborn Photography: Meeting Luke for the First Time

You know that as a photographer I should be ashamed to admit that I fell into the category of person who has only a few images of herself with her own child when he was small.  I try to pass my 'hindsight' on to others so that they may not make the same mistake. 

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I know that by now both Leigh and Sarah are used to me and my camera, so the session was really relaxed and Elliot especially loved being in front of the camera, so much so I think he tried to steal the limelight a little bit.  What a beautiful family, I love capturing these moments, each one a new chapter

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