Stories of Our Life, Maternity Photography: Sharon & Eddie

It's the next chapter and it is happening right now.  Five years ago I was blessed to work with Sharon and Eddie capturing their beautiful wedding day and today I was invited to their home to take some pictures of them as they are expecting their first child in a little over a months time.  

I love that I can imagine how they may be feeling and what they are expecting over the coming months, I am again blessed to be able to capture this time for them.  

Sharon and Eddie have spent the last five years building their careers and making a home. So I can't think of a better place to start with the 'bump' shoot than their back garden, which will surely be a place their child will  explore, play and learn as they grow up.  

I was so excited on arrival when I realised their neighbourhood has it's very own pond with Ducks and Geese, so of course I tried to imagine how this area will feature in their lives over the next few years and we used it for the location of the shoot.  The weather was beautiful but thankfully there was also a lovely breeze to make the temperature more bearable.   I think Daddy needs to stock up on duck food!

Sharon and Eddie, thank you so much for asking me to take these photographs for you, I absolutely cannot wait to meet your son or daughter in the very near future, now try and clock up a few hours rest xx