Family Photography: A Home Shoot in Sutton Coldfield

Photographing families in their home environment is often the most obvious answer to any number of obstacles that may arise during a family location shoot.  Quite often a shoot can be affected by:

The Weather.  Shooting in the comfort and warmth of someone's home beats battling with wind, rain and ice; often people say they want magical outdoors  pictures, but for me the magic lies at the heart of your family and that's in your own home, a familiar family environment.  Outdoors portraits are beautiful and fun, but it is always important to consider what the elements are doing if you particularly want the 'outdoorsy' shoot.

Babies can be sick.  Much easier to have a change of clothes handy if you are at home, or if they need to be quickly popped in the bath if it's a 'severe' incident.

Home is comfortable.  You, your children and your pets will almost certainly feel comfortable and more relaxed at home and will inevitably just be yourselves.   Children of certain ages (mainly the toddler phase) are happiest when they are allowed to just be themselves.  Sticky fingers, chocolate faces, the odd meltdown or two are all crucial to any family shoot in my opinion.  

My job is to capture memories, but most importantly it is to document you how you are at this moment as a family.  Children grow and change at a rate we cannot keep up with, but how precious and priceless are these every day 'little' things.  

I recently did a family shoot on a bitterly cold and frosty morning for Katie and Tom.  We decided that although it was a bright and sunny day, we would probably have a 15-20 minute window if we ventured outside; so the log burner went on and we did the entire shoot in the house.  Good job really because when I arrived, young Fred had decided it was time to sleep, but this gave me a chance to familiarise myself with the rest of the family and ensure that they were happy to be around my camera.  Big sister Elsie was a champion giggler and earned a couple of chocolates during the shoot (cue chocolate fingers and smudges on the face).  Here is just a sneak preview from the shoot

Little girl pulling a funny cute face eating chocolate
Little girl with a chocolate smudged face natural family photography
A baby boy asleep in his cot documentary family photography in Sutton Coldfield
Sleeping baby's feet in his cot
Shadowy image of a baby sleeping in his cot documentary family photography
Black and white image of a little girl and her baby brother family photography near birmingham
An image of a little girl spinning around
Two beagles lying on a rug documentary family photography
A portraot of a baby boy with blue eyes sitting in his high chair
A mother & father with their baby boy
A mother holding her baby boy
A mother holding her little boy documentary family photography
A little girl laughing and holding on to her baby brother
Father and son family photography near birmingham
Black and White image of a father holding his two children
Family photography a mother and her two children
Black and white image of a little girl family portrait shoot in Birmingham
Documentary family photography
Family portrait photography at home near birmingham
A family of four during a family portrait shoot at home
Sleepy Beagles family photography near Birmingham by Helen Howard

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