I photographed Leigh and Sarah's Wedding in 2012 when I was expecting my baby boy and they looked after me incredibly well that day, I will always be particularly fond of them and their two beautiful boys.  I have enjoyed seeing them again after welcoming their second baby Rowan and I got to hang out today with his big brother; the coolest, craziest little dude Elliot who I haven't seen since his baby shoot a couple of years ago, however Facebook has been a great platform for keeping in touch with so many of my couples and their families.

I know that by now both Leigh and Sarah are used to me and my camera, so the session was really relaxed and Elliot especially loved being in front of the camera, so much so I think he tried to steal the limelight a little bit.  What I love most with these types of documentary family shoots, is that there is not agenda, we just relax at home and I capture the family just being themselves.

What a beautiful family, I LOVE these moments, each one a new chapter for them.  Here you go Sarah and Leigh, thank you for asking me to photograph you and your boys I am truly blessed in doing so;  a sneak preview for you xx

A father holding his newborn baby boy documentary portrait photography
A little boy and his dad having a cuddle
A mother holding her newborn baby son
A proud little boy holding his newborn baby brother
A family of four sitting on their bed for a portrait session
A mother and father with their newborn baby boy portrait photography by Helen Howard
A sleeping baby with his dad and big brother
A family of four documentary portrait photography uk
Newborn baby black and white image
A father and his two young sons
Family portrait session toddler rules
Newborn baby boy's feet
A sleeping newborn baby boy in his moses basket
Mother bottle feeding her newborn baby
Mother and newborn baby documentary family portrait photography
A little boy family photography west midlands by Helen Howard
Mother holding her new baby boy
clack and white image of a mother feeding her newborn baby
A toddler playing with his toy cars
Toddler rules for family portrait sessions

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