Booking Your Wedding Photographer? You Must Read This First...


Please view this blog post on two devices. First of all on your mobile device (preferably a mobile phone) and secondly on a computer, with a good size screen preferably the longest side of the screen being at least 12-14 inches long. this way you can compare the images on the mobile with those on the computer. YOU WILL BE REQUIRED TO CLICK THE LINK BELOW TO TAKE YOU TO THE FULL POST.


Hand on heart, I would like to begin this post by saying that this is an experiment and it is in no way aimed at damaging anyone who is perhaps new to photography and starting out or even established as a professional photographer, it is just to highlight what I consider to be a flaw for the small screen user!

All of the images within this post are my own and have been adapted in Lightroom to see if our trusted mobile devices may be deceiving us a little when it comes to finding and choosing a wedding or portrait photographer.

Recently engaged, my step daughter asked me for help in narrowing down the search for a wedding photographer. She said that whilst she can look at individual images and know if she likes an image, she isn’t sure how to tell the difference between photographer’s styles or how to assess their level of competence. Photography is important to her and her fiancé, they just don’t know where to begin their search. 

After spending much time compiling lists of websites, searching away on my phone it suddenly dawned on me that using my mobile was perhaps ok for the initial search, but how would I really check the quality of the images on such a small screen, it was nearly impossible and all of a sudden I found myself glued to my 27 inch screen to check more websites out. It honestly felt like an impossible task. I didn’t realise that choosing a photographer could be so difficult. I spend a lot of my time familiarising myself with other photographers’ work. There is so much to consider and an immense pressure to make the ‘right’ decision about who will be responsible for documenting such an important day. This is not just applicable to wedding photography; it is an issue with any type of photography, particularly portraits - we are spoilt and confused by choice. 

Down to the nitty gritty and the burning question: Just how blurry or out of focus does an image need to be before it becomes visibly so on a mobile phone screen? 

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Is your Mobile Device Deceiving You?

Is your Mobile Device Deceiving You?