A little bit About Me


So apparently it's not all that easy to write about yourself!  

My approach is fairly non traditional and I shoot weddings in a very natural and creative way.

My strength is capturing the genuine emotion, I truly believe that because I am aware and conscious of other people’s emotions I can create images that portray the moments you never want to forget, the people who are in your life who are most important to you.  

I am fascinated by people and I love the variety in my work, I am also really blessed to be able to say that my clients are good friends.  This is more than just a job to me and I cannot help but wear my heart on my sleeve.


Although I take my work very seriously, I work in a  lighthearted way, I love it when my clients are clearly having fun and enjoying being photographed, I am often laughing and crying with them as the day unfolds.


If photography is important to you you’ll want to find a photographer that will make you feel completely comfortable in front of the camera. Someone who will guide you through your day without being bossy or overbearing, someone to be there to reassure you and be someone you trust to capture your wedding day.

Each wedding, each couple, each family is unique, therefore no wedding will ever be the same. There is no need to be restricted by lengthy ‘must have’ shot lists. We can certainly have a list of 5-8 must have group shots, these work best if done informally and promptly after the ceremony so that you can enjoy the rest of time with your guests.

I am no shrinking violet, but I work in a way that enables me to blend in and work unobtrusively. Your guests will know I am there, but not ‘in their face’  - I have been often complimented by guests on my sympathetic approach. Because you will be so comfortable in my presence, your guests might even wonder how long we have been friends!

Client experience and satisfaction is not a ‘corporate goal’, I honestly care about my clients, your journey of how you met and also your story going forward.  

I cannot wait to hear more about you and your wedding plans!



Family Portrait - Helen Howard-2.jpg

My Love

In the meantime, you’ll find me in Lichfield with my amazing husband and our beautiful boy plus a lively labrador and a couple of grumpy bunnies. When I’m not photographing people in love, I adore Cornish holidays, live music, being sugar free (well trying anyway) and watching scary films from behind a cushion.

For me photography is about the spontaneity of one moment in time that would be absolutely impossible to recreate ever again in exactly the same way.  A wedding day is full to the brim and bursting with emotion and I can find a million perfect moments just by observing and documenting the day as it unfolds before me.

I’m fortunate to call Helen a friend but even if she weren’t, my review would still be awesome. She has a skill and an innate ability to capture not just the aesthetic but the soul of a person. I’ve worked alongside Helen at weddings and on a wedding day, I’ve never seen somebody move so delicately and lightly so as not to intrude or interrupt, yet she comes away with these images that make you go “how did you take that?!” or “I never even noticed you”. She is a true wedding ninja.

As for her family and lifestyle shoots - of which I’ve been the subject - she makes you feel nothing but comfortable and relaxed and very much like a friend with a really swanky camera taking your picture. I cannot recommend her highly enough. Plus, she is one of the nicest, loveliest, kindest people you could wish to meet.
— Nicola Gough Photography, 2016 - Photographer Friend and Colleague